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Dundee FRCS ENT (Otolaryngology) VIVA Course

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Innovation in teaching

NHS Tayside

22nd July 2015:

Following a successful course on 12th-13th March 2015, we are pleased to congratulate our delegate Mr Christopher Loh, a trainee from the Mersey Deanery, who was awarded the RSM Gold Medal. We are happy to announce that he will be joining us for the 8th-9th October 2015 course as a faculty member.


Well done again from the Dundee FRCS ENT Course Team!

- RG, JM


24th November 2015:

We are pleased to inform you all that the delegates' feedback from the FRCS Viva course on 8th-9th October 2015 is now live under the Testimonials tab.


Overwhelmingly, the best feedback was given to Mary-Louise Montague (Edinburgh) for her tutorial on Paediatric ENT and to Ceilidh Kennedy (Dundee) for her tutorial on communication skills. We at the Dundee FRCS ENT Course Team appreciate the time and effort put into everyone's tutorials and preparation for the course.


We look forward to working with you all again!

- RG, JM

10th March 2016:

We are pleased to report that the 3rd Dundee FRCS ENT Viva Course, held on the 3rd to 4th March 2016 at the Holiday Inn Express in Dundee City Centre was a great success. The delegates' feedback will be available shortly on our Testimonials tab.


The best feedback was for Iain Hathorn (Edinburgh) and Syed Iqbal (Edinburgh) for their Top Tip talks on rhinology and otology respectively. Both Have been awarded with 'best faculty march 2016'.


We thank them and all other faculty for the effort that they put into the couse to ensure good quality teaching and a smooth running of the programme.


We are now looking forward to the 4th Viva Course!  

- RG, JM

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October 2016

Charity Tayside FM, CASH FOR KIDS BED APPEAL, 250£ Donated.


March 2017

Charity Tayside FM, Super Hero Day CASH FOR KIDS BED APPEAL, 250£ Donated.


October 2017 Head and neck cancer project supporting grant £500


April 2018

Charity Tayside FM, CASH FOR KIDS BED APPEAL, 300£ Donated.


April 2019

Charity Tayside FM, CASH FOR KIDS BED APPEAL, 300£ Donated.


April 2020

Charity Tayside FM, CASH FOR KIDS BED APPEAL, 300£ Donated.




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