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Dundee FRCS ENT (Otolaryngology) VIVA Course

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Innovation in teaching

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March 2015 FRCS ENT viva course Feedback

Detailed feedback from previous courses is available to download from the links below:

October 2015 FRCS ENT viva course full feedback

What was the most useful part of the course?

1)Paeds top tips was fantastic. Good to get tips from those who have recently done the exam.

2)Communication and clinical stations.

3)Communications skills. Paeds. Lots of viva.

4)Clinical examinations.


6)Top tip lectures.

7)Viva and clinical.

8)Viva and communication stations - excellent.

9)Overall, very good.

10)Top tips from successful candidates. Viva and clinical skills station. Audiology station.

11)Interactive session and permission to take videos.


March 2016 FRCS ENT Viva course full feedback

What was the most useful part of the course?

1)Viva station

2)Viva and clinical

3)Very good organisation and thorough

4)Was all excellent

5)All useful

6)Viva/communications skills/clinical

7)All aspects

8)Clinical practice sessions

9)Everything – it was extremely useful. I would most definitely recommend this to colleagues as delegates. It was at the right pace, lectures were to the point and pitched perfectly.

10)All the Viva sessions

What was the most useful part of the course?

1)  Realistic vivas (esp. concentrated/real time & noisy environment.)

2)  Viva stations & feedback & viva feedback sheets.

3)  Viva sections. Excellent course.  Excellent support staff.  Highly recommended by previous colleagues.  Good choice of venue. Very well organised. Keep it up.

4)  Viva

5)  Viva & lectures.

6)  Vivas – exam real life situation.

7)  Viva stations and feedback sheets.

8)  Induction emails.  The immediate feedback from examiners.

9)  Viva practice. Dinner very good.

10)  All parts were good.

11)  Viva simulation, which is different from other courses.

12)  The clinical and patients.

13)  Good exam simulation.  Weekly emails extremely useful.

14) I was recommended this course as the best course for exam preparation by two different people.  I was not disappointed.  Excellent website & emails.  Just what’s need to kickstart revision.

October 2016 FRCS ENT viva course full feedback March 2017 FRCS ENT viva course full feedback

What was the most useful part of the course?


1) Viva practice.

2)  The Vivas

3)  The VIVA stations were absolutely fantastic and it was great to have 3 sessions and lots of different examiners.

4)  Vivas and feeback.

5)  The viva-ing is fantastic and hopefully prepares us for the exam.  Overall, this was a very useful experience.

6)  Viva practice.

7)  Viva practice and patient stations were really informative.  Audiology teaching as very novel idea.

8)  Vivas

9. Communication skills with real actor

10. clinical station with lots of patients

11) What is a fantastic course, Great diverse faculty, plenty of oppertunity for viva, Absolutely brilliant.

12. Extremely Well organised course

13. Great experience, vital for FRCS part 2 exam