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By frcsviva, Feb 25 2016 02:13PM

Dear All,

I have attached list of possible stations, prepared by my Registrar (Mr Khan). Please make sure you can talk up to 5 mints about each topic, some of stations are unexpected like Jehovah's Witnesses: Child with B thalassemia,sickle cell crisis - tonsillectomy issues( I had it as a very first station under pediatric, it took few mins for me to be back on the track!

Hot Topics

Paediatric ENT

1. Management of the Neck Lumps/ Cervical Adenopathy in Children

2. Paediatric Hearing impairment in UK: Screening and Statistics

3. Management of the inflammatory Airway in children/subglottic stenosis/ laryngomalacia/web/haemangioma/ FB

4. Congenital Nasal Abnormalities/choanal atresia

5. Paediatric Laryngeal Papillomatosis

6. Paediatric Cochlear Implant

7. Paediatric Drooling

8. Branchial Anomalies

9. Down’ Syndrome/ Common Genetic Syndrome in Otolaryngology

10. Assessment and Surgical Intervention of Paediatric laryngeal airway

11. Management of Children with Permanent Childhood Hearing Impairment

12. Assessment and Management of Congenital Atresia of the Ear

13. Paediatric OSA

14. Child with Runny nose

15. Assessment and treatment of Paediatric laryngotracheal/SUBGLOTTIC Stenosis

16. Pinnaplasty in children

17. Jehovah's Witnesses: Issues

18. Child with B thalassemia,sickle cell cricis, tonsillectomy issues


1. Treatment of Otosclerosis

2. Management Option for Skull Base/Petrous Apex Lesions/

3. Sudden Sensorineural Hearing loss : Aetiology and Management

4. The Management of Lesions of the CPA

5. Auditory Brain Stem implantation : indication and outcomes

6. Noise induce hearing loss

7. Bell’s palsy

8. Autoimmune inner ear Disease

9. Evaulation of Dizzy patient / BPPV

10. Malignant Otitis Externa

11. Management of Cholesteatoma

12. The Discharging ear

13. Tinnitus Treatment

14. Role of Nerve monitoring in Otolaryngology

15. Ototoxicity Evaluation and Management/ear drops

16. Principals of Mastoid Surgery

17. Non- neoplastic Lesion of the Temporal bone

18. OM with Effusion

19. Essential Principal in hearing evolution of adults/masking/non organic hearing loss

20. Management of Typmanic memberance retration

21. Temporal bone fracture

22. Menieres disease

23. BAHA /hearing aids

Head and Neck

1. Decision Making in the Management of the Neck in Head and Neck SCC

2. Chemo radiation in the Primary Management of Oropharyngeal Carcinoma

3. Diagnosis and Management of Thyroid nodule.

4. Malignant Tumours of the Submandibular gland /parotid

5. Management of Early Laryngeal dysplsia

6. HPV as an Aetiological and Prognostic Factor in H&N Cancer /Robotic Surgery For Head and Neck Tumours

7. H&N Melanoma : current Surgical Practices

8. Current Surgical Management of Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis

9. Infection and Neoplasm of the Para pharyngeal Space

10. Early Stage Glottic SCC: Radiotherapy Or Endoscopic Surgery Current Practices and Controversies

11. Advanced laryngeal cancer

12. Ranula

13. ORL Manifestation of Neurofibromatosis : Investigation and Management

14. Current use of PET-CT in H&N cancer

15. Surgical Management of Thyroid Carcinoma

16. Paragangliomas of the Head and Neck

17. TB in Head and Neck

18. Management of Cervical Chyle Leaks

19. Evidence based Management of Glottic Laryngeal Dysplasia

20. ENT Manifestation Of HIV in Clinical Practice

21. Evaluation and Management of Parotid salivary gland Neoplasm

22. Blunt and penetrating Trauma to neck

23. Carruent management of Obstructive sialadenitis

24. Non melanoma skin cancer

25. Oral/tongue cancer


1. Rhinitis

2. Management of CFS Leak

3. The Causation and treatment of Nasal Polypsis

4. Glaucomatous disease in the Nose

5. Surgical Approach to Frontal Sinus /Khuns classification

6. Olfactory Dysfunction. Assessment and management

7. Facial pain

8. Complication of Sinus Surgery (Prevention and management)

9. Sinonasal Inverted Papilloma

10. Principals of Rhinoplasty

11. Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

12. Allergic Fungal Sinsitis

13. Frontal Sinus Mucocles

14. ESS for Sinonsal Malignancy

15. Management of Benign sino nasal tumors

16. Local Flaps for Facial Tissue defect

17. Management of Snoring

18. Epistaxis management

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